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Do you have an audience, members, supporters, or patrons? Do they have cell phones? Start your mobile club now and stay connected.
  • Schedule text alerts in advance
  • Broadcast regional alerts from your phone
  • Customize your own Broadtexter Widget
  • People can join your club from their phones
  • Members can share their mobile pics
  • There's no spam, no junk, never...ever

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User Testimonials

"Broadtexter helps us keep our fans updated no matter where the band is. For us, it's more useful than MySpace."
Management Team
Reel Big Fish
"Our band plays festivals...the big problem we have is letting our fans know what stage we're on and when. Broadtexter makes it so easy to keep our fans informed."
John Daily
Manager, Chiodos
"Thanks for making it so easy for us to reach out to the fans, they're the ones that truly matter!"
Kevin Martin