No Cell Phones at School? Better See the Cell Phone Storage Man

The debate on whether or not kids should have cell pones at school is one that won’t end anytime soon. There are mixed reactions amongst both teachers and parents about it. Some parents feel like their kids shouldn’t have cell phones to begin with, while others see it as a necessary way to keep in touch with their kids. Teachers also have mixed reaction with some for it and others against it.

Cell Phone Bans

A number of states across the U.S yielded to the fact that cell phones have now become part of most people’s daily lives. However, while most schools will allow students to bring their cell phones to school they won’t allow students to use them in class. However, there are some schools that have placed a complete ban on cell phones and won’t allow them in school.

Teenagers will of cause be teens and most still take their cell phones with them to school. Some schools turn a blind eye to it, as long as they aren’t seen or heard then they aren’t a problem. With increased security screenings and metal detectors in schools, turning a blind eye doesn’t fly by in most schools.

This has resulted in the growth of a storage industry that specifically caters to cell phones.

Cell Phone Storage

Most business surrounding New York schools began offering cell phone storage services to students at a fee. At a daily dollar fee, students can deposit their cell phones for storage and collect them after school.

Most cell storage services are housed in businesses found around schools. This includes cafes, delis, shops and hair salons. Students are given numbered tickets when they leave their phones in such businesses, which corresponds to a numbered tickets placed with their phones in storage. Any student who loses their ticket and wants to collect their phone is required to accurately describe it. The student also has to allow the business owner to take a photo of their school ID, in case any issues arise. Some businesses offer loyalty programs to their most loyal customers. For instance they offer free storage on certain days.

Organized cell storage businesses have also come up such as the ‘Safe ‘n’ Secure Cellutions.’ 42-year-old Jhonn de La Puente founded Safe ‘n’ Secure Cellutions

Comprising of a distinctly white van can be found parked near public school complexes. Students simply drop off their phones through a ‘mail-slot’ like window at the side of the van. In exchange, the student is given a colored ticket, which they will then use to collect their cell phone.

The van is fitted with security cameras, a lock box for cash and storage racks. Puente specifically customized the Ford E250 for the job and is assisted in running the business by 27-year old Jonathan Arnau.

New customers are required to sign waivers committing to abide by the company’s regulations. The sign up ensures that the business has the student’s name, school and school year, email, and emergency contact and phone number on file. This is important information in case they need to get in touch with the student.

There is always the fear of losing a customer’s phone, which would mean that the business has to replace it.

17. April 2016 by Helen Reed
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