These Ridiculous Cell Phone Insurance Claims Are Hilarious 

Cell phone insurance could mean a world of difference if you suffer the misfortune of losing your phone. However, where insurance is involved there is bound to be a few baseless and downright hilarious claims. We have scoured the Internet to bring you snippets of come of the most hilarious cell phone insurance claims.

Dead and Buried

A London-based undertaker put in a claim when his phone went missing. He withdrew it the next day after discovering it tucked inside a coffin, beside a body that was about to be buried.

Sealed and Delivered

A builder went ahead and filed a claim after his phone went missing. A client from a building that his firm had worked on called to say that they had heard ringing from inside their wall. The builder was able to retrieve his phone and patch the wall back up.

Rolling in the Hay

A farmer filed a claim when his cell phone went missing. He later on discovered it embedded in a bale of hay, albeit damaged it still functioned.

Got Milk?

A young woman from Birmingham had reported her phone missing. She later on discovered that it was in her refrigerator in the middle shelf, next to her stash of milk.

Under the Hood

A young man discovered that he had been driving around with his lost phone for days under his car’s bonnet. He realized that he had left it there when he last topped up the screen wash.

Inside the Bowl

A man found his phone inside the toilet cistern. The damaged phone was discovered when he lifted his cistern lid to drop in a cleaning block. He couldn’t explain how his phone got there.

Gas Station

A woman reported her phone lost. A week later she went to fuel her car at the local petrol station. She found her missing phone atop a gas pump, where she had absentmindedly placed it during her last visit.

Library Sandwich

A woman reported her phone missing only to withdraw the claim. She received a call from her local Library saying that they had found her cell phone in the non-fiction section sandwiched between 2 books.

Sprouting Flowers 

A man reported his phone missing only to find it in his front garden’s flowerbed. The cell phone was beneath the soil, but it was still working.

Naughty Time

 A woman claimed that her Blackberry Bold 9900’s vibration stopped functioning, after she had used her phone as a sex toy.


A woman delivered her Nokia 6303i baked inside her daughter’s birthday cake. The phone unfortunately did not survive the heat of the oven.

Gone Bananas

A man claimed that while at an animal park a monkey snatched his HTC phone.

Gone Down The Drain

A builder claimed that his iPhone fell down the toilet from his back pocket. He said that he didn’t notice it until he flushed the toilet.


A woman’s phone unfortunately got damaged when she threw it hoping to hit her cheating boyfriend. It hit the wall instead of the cheater.


A couple on a cruise ship decided to re-enact the famous Titanic scene. Only thing they ended up with was a claim for their phone that fell overboard as they were trying to take a photo of themselves.

17. April 2016 by Helen Reed
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