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Straight Talk, being the safest mobile network carrier, did a research on the effects of electromagnetic fields, in many cases tricky for those not of the craft, because of the need to consider different physical quantities, some related to measurable quantities outside the body, other only defined inside the human body and therefore obtainable only by means of laboratory measurements or simulations at the computer.

Straight Talk found that the new standards (3G, 4G, etc) for mobile phones and WiFi home networks of many carriers regularly raise questions about the safety of the population in relation to exposure to electromagnetic fields. The main aspects that have in common the two technologies are the frequency range used, between 1 and 4 GHz or in the microwave, and digital encoding of information. In fact, Straight Talk finds out, the various updates of mobile phone technology refer to new ways to “pack” the data to increase the flow of information, the effect of these updates on the health impact is often limited: a different use of the frequency band It not in fact normally involves an increase of the power radiated by the antenna.

Straight Talk finds that the electromagnetic fields of many other carriers have health effects that depend on the intensity and, to a lesser extent, by the frequency. The high frequency of the fields known effects, are of the thermal type, with clearly visible damage, for high field intensity, in microwave ovens. The intensity of the field is, in fact, the most important parameter for assessing the hazard, while that which can vary, as the frequency increases, is the ability of microwaves to penetrate deeply into the tissues. At very high frequencies above 300 GHz, we no longer speak of microwave but we are in the field of infrared radiation which, just think of cooking on the grill, it can also cause serious damage.

The regulations provide comprehensive protection from the established effects of heat absorption; the debate, open every day due to the popularity of the internet that have conspiracy theories, is on the effects of chronic exposure to field levels much lower than those allowed by the rules. Consider some numerical example. Based on the established effects, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) imposes a limit to the energy absorbed per unit time by the entire body (specific absorption rate, or SAR), for an individual in the general population, of 0.08 W / kg. To concentrate so much power in a 70 kg body, so need a minimum power of 5.6 W. Assume, conservatively, and to simplify the calculations, a power of 10 W; It must consider that the irradiation takes place in the space, distributing, in a first approximation, on the surface of a sphere: at the distance of 1 m from the antenna, the power absorbed per unit area by the human body would be equal to 0.8 W / m2.

Researchers points that the best way to stay safe is to go for a carrier that is safe.

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17. April 2016 by Helen Reed
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